The benefits of living in a lifestyle village

Lifestyle villages offer an affordable alternative to retirement villages.

Living in a lifestyle village has many benefits, in fact, we often hear from residents that they wish they’d made the move into our village earlier!  If your considering moving into a lifestyle village, here are just some of the benefits.

Community atmosphere

Lifestyle villages are full of like-minded, similar-aged people who often share the same interests or hobbies.

The activities and events that take place within the village enable friendships and informal care networks to develop. Neighbours look out for each other and help each other out. If you plan on travelling during your retirement, it’s nice to know that someone will collect your mail or water your plants.


Low maintenance living

Maintaining a large family home is constant work which becomes even more demanding as we get older.

Homes within Lifestyle Villages are more low maintenance and have been designed with seniors in mind. Furthermore, there aren’t huge gardens or lawns that need tending too. Village grounds, common areas and facilities are maintained by management, so you don’t have to worry about a thing!



Lifestyle villages offer a very safe and secure environment for residents.

Not only are the facilities secured with gated entries and staff available after hours, but your neighbours look out for you. There’s plenty to be said for the peace of mind you feel as you close your eyes at night knowing you are in a safe living environment.

Financial benefits

There are many financial advantages to living in a lifestyle village.

Because you do not own the land, your home is much more affordable. If you are downsizing from your family home this may free up capital that you can then invest or spend as you choose. Other benefits include no stamp duty, no taxes or council rates, and government-funded rent assistance is available for eligible pensioners.


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Middle Swan Village – An Affordable Perth Retirement Option

The first and most obvious benefit of village living is community. Being part of a community of like-minded over 50s people and enjoying the social contact, interaction, companionship and physical and emotional security that it provides are priceless.

Middle Swan Village, located in the picturesque Swan Valley in Western Australia, is a welcoming manufactured homes lifestyle village only 30 minutes from Perth. The village is within walking distance of major shops, chemist, medical and dental centres and close to all the attractions of the Swan Valley.

We offer retirees and over 50s an affordable alternative to retirement villages where residents have the freedom and security to enjoy a stress-free lifestyle in a community where every day feels like a holiday.

We invite you to come and discover our safe and caring community at Middle Swan Village.

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